Accredited Curriculum

Accredited Homeschool Curriculum Information

Many people find that an important point to consider is accreditation. An accredited homeschool curriculum has been reviewed by an outside agency or committee and has been determined to meet certain standards. Why would this be important? This can help greatly when time comes to apply to college. If the student has a high school diploma from an accredited high school, there should be much less difficulty proving to admissions offices that a high school education has indeed been completed. Also, credits may be more easily transferred to another school if necessary.

Some states require such detailed reporting on your homeschool activities that it can be helpful to be able to refer the school officials to your curriculum’s accreditation as proof that you are indeed educating your children in appropriate areas of study.

All that being said, accreditation is really not as important as some people would have you believe. College admissions offices are becoming much more familiar with homeschooling in general, and with the abilities of homeschooled students in particular. Most colleges will accept a transcript prepared by the student’s parent, in addition to other requirements, such as SAT or ACT scores, perhaps an admission essay, and in rare cases, a portfolio of the student’s work may be requested.

Overall, using an accredited homeschool curriculum may ease your mind and may help with colleges, but it is not absolutely required in order to get into college. I would recommend that while this is something to consider, it should not become the most important factor in choosing your home school curriculum.

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