Homeschool Programs

Homeschool Programs

Most families look to homeschool programs for some guidance in planning their school years, although some families are comfortable with making such decisions on their own.

While discussions of homeschooling methods and curriculum choices can be more philosophical in nature, I also wanted to provide you with some information regarding specific programs and curriculum providers. These are the companies which put together the detailed plans and book lists, as well as selling the materials.

As with everything, there are countless choices for where to obtain your homeschooling books and curriculum. I will start with the programs with which I am most familiar, and I will also add more information to this page as I research more programs.

Kolbe Academy HomeschoolKolbe Academy provides a classical, Catholic curriculum following the Ignatian method. Their curriculum is not really “all in one,” though it is very complete. They provide complete lesson plans and tests for enrolled families, but you need to order the books as a separate transaction. This allows you to easily re-use books from previous years, and also allows for substitution of different books if you so choose. They also provide record keeping, report cards, and diplomas, even if you have altered the curriculum.

Catholic Heritage Curricula While CHC offers complete homeschool programs with lesson plans at each grade level, theirs is not a ‘pre-packaged’ curriculum. Rather, CHC’s plans and guides are constructed to allow maximum choice and flexibility to fit your student, while at the same time providing a complete education. They have produced and continue to produce exclusive materials for grades PreK-12, which are all well-designed. They do not provide any grading or record-keeping services.

Seton Home Study School Seton offers a Catholic curriculum in grades kindergarten through twelve. Their curriculum reflects the belief that Catholics today need to be fully formed in the Faith, while not neglecting great works of Western Civilization. They have published many of their own Catholic workbooks and textbooks. Where Catholic materials are not available, they present the Catholic perspective in the lesson plans. Seton provides a complete, all-in-one package including all the books needed, plus daily lesson plans, grading services, report cards, diplomas, and more. The main drawback is that in order to receive a report card or diploma from Seton, the student must complete and submit for grading specific assignments. They are willing to consider some substitutions.

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